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Best Practice Child Protection Courses

Safer Recuitment

Senior Leadership Teams / Those responsible for recruitment in settings

All Day - 7 hours

From £750 +VAT

ECP provide accredited training through the Safer Recruitment Consortium – meeting the standard and level of training is consistent with the Local Authority offer of Safer Recruitment Training.

By undertaking Safer Recruitment Consortium endorsed training this assures you that:

  • The content is up to date, relevant and sector specific.
  • ECP now belongs to a national network of trained and accredited facilitators
  • Your training will meet the standards required by the DfE in Keeping children safe in education (September 2018).

Safer Recruitment workshop content:

  • Safer recruitment and the wider context of safeguarding
  • Prevalence of abuse and profile of abusers
  • How abusers operate within organisations
  • Features of a safer recruitment process
  • Planning a safer recruitment process
  • Making the right decisions: interview and selection
  • Setting acceptable standards of behaviour
  • Maintaining an ongoing culture of vigilance

Governor / Trustee Child Protection Awareness

For governing bodies or trustees of organisations

2 Hours

From £300 +VAT

Designed for Governors and Trustees who wish to undertake robust training to ensure understanding of their role and remit of safeguarding in their organisation. Introducing guidance, child protection processes and procedures, roles and responsibilities of governors, the categories of abuse and an insight into inspection standards for safeguarding children.

Raising Awareness of the Prevent Duty

For all staff working with Children and Young People.

1.5 Hours

From £250 +VAT

Statutory training regarding the prevention of terrorism. An interactive session with explores the context of the Prevent Duty and the expectation of settings within the children and young people’s sector. With a sector specific oversight and a clear and concise guidance around implementation of the ‘due regard’ to the duty – exploration will also take place to review the implementation of the ‘British vales’ in practice.

Senior Leadership - Raising Awareness
of the Prevent Duty

Senior Leadership Teams / Those responsible for governance / Prevent Champions.

1.5 Hours

From £250 +VAT

This 1.5 hour course is a light-bite ‘must’ for senior leadership to develop a rolling action plan to ensure consideration of complying with all aspects of the current Prevent Duty before inspection.

Workshop content:

  • Promoting school values and virtues
  • ‘British Values’ in practice
  • Recognition of radicalisation and staff awareness
  • Reporting and sharing concerns
  • Allocation of roles to key individuals •
  • Monitoring of school events
  • Considering an up to date risk assessment system
  • Inclusion of Prevent in your school safeguarding policies
  • Addressing the filtering of school internet system

Introduction to
Safeguarding Children and Adults

For staff who may have minimal or adhoc contact with adults and children. NB. This DOES NOT replace the robust three hour training which is statutory for frontline staff.

3 Hours

From £450 + VAT

Training targeted at staff who may have minimal or adhoc contact with service users, needing a basic awareness of adult safeguarding and child protection. This course is essential in understanding the categories of abuse for both safeguarding adults with care and support needs and children. Understanding current national guidance and procedures which place a duty of care on practioners. To have a clear understanding of being able to recognise, respond and refer. As well as raising awareness of key challenging areas prevalent in safeguarding today specific to both adults with care and support needs and children, such as; Substance Misuse, Modern Slavery (including Honour-Base Violence, County Lines and Trafficking) , Domestic Abuse, Hoarding, CSE (child sexual exploitation) and Online Safety. Additionally being able to understand the role of the Designated Safeguarding Team and referral pathways specific to safeguarding concerns.



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