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Face to Face training – Covid-19 client guidelines

ECP are extremely pleased to be able to offer our face to face training again.

To ensure that;

  1. we are meeting all safety guidance to ensure to the best of our ability that this activity will not cause any potential spread of Covid-19 and,
  2. we give you, your delegates, and ECP training consultants confidence in the safety of attending face to face training, by agreeing to our T&C’s this also includes agreement with our Covid-19 guidelines below:

That you as the client can confirm that the following are in place:

  • Emergency procedures e.g. fire drills - floor signage, social distancing measures in fire assembly points etc.
  • Clean down procedures, including frequency, of communal areas e.g. bathroom or break areas.
  • Clean down procedures of the training room, for which you will be responsible for cleaning all equipment.
  • A well-ventilated training room - open windows and fans/aircon units turned off to prevent air circulation of bacteria within the room.
  • That the allocated training room (in line with the total number of delegates attending) is fit for purpose, to allow for social distancing requirements to be followed. Recommendations are based on the 2- metre social distancing rule, which requires a ‘space’ of 4 metres x 4 metres per person.
  • Clear social distance rules.
  • Room set up is in line with best practice regarding social distancing and positioning e.g side by side, not facing each other.
  • Clear signage to remind people to wash their hands frequently throughout the day.
  • Sanitising stations available in room.
  • No shared refreshments will be available and any arrangement of food for delegates is in line with guidelines e.g prepacked.
  • On the day of training you will give our training consultants any specific instructions they need to follow. If you can provide these beforehand as well that would be much appreciated.
  • Arrangements are in place to ensure that no one presenting COVID-19 symptoms will attend your site.
  • A sign in and out procedure is in place and records kept of delegates who attended the training session. Track and trace actions will be your responsibility, should any delegates develop symptoms after.
  • Contact ECP immediately in the event that a delegate has reported to you COVID symptoms within 10 days following the training date.

We ask that delegates are provided with the following information by yourself prior to the training date:

  • Ensure they are on time, so the training can begin promptly so as not to extend the duration of the training.
  • Bring their own pens/ paper and refreshments with them so that there is no shared equipment.
  • That no delegate will attend the training if they:
    • Are experiencing any coronavirus symptoms,
    • Are self-isolating as a result of coronavirus symptoms or sharing a household or support bubble with somebody with symptoms,
    • Are clinically extremely vulnerable,
    • Have been advised by the NHS test and trace service that they should self-isolate.
  • Maintain social distancing at all times during the training session.

ECP will take responsibility for ensuring the following:

  • Any equipment brought by us will be sanitised prior to entering your site and before removing it.
  • Delegate materials provided by ECP will be handled with gloves / sanitised hands prior and during the session.
  • Delegate materials that have been printed by yourself – the client – we ask that these are placed on the desk / seat for each individual prior to the course commencing.
  • Will remind delegates of safety measures in place.
  • Will ensure that the staggered use of facilities is possible to avoid too many people in one space.
  • The training consultant will not wear a face mask whilst delivering the training but will be over 2m away from all delegates. Face coverings to be worn in line with government recommendations
  • ECP training consultants will not attend training sessions without being tested, if they have been advised that they have been at a training session in the previous 10 days where this has resulted in track and trace procedure being implemented.
  • ECP training consultants will not attend training if experiencing any corona virus symptoms for the following 10 days.
  • ECP will inform you if the training consultant has a confirmed case of coronavirus within a 10 day window of delivering your training session.


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