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Safeguarding Awareness

Course Outline

Training to meet the requirement of the ‘robust 3-yearly training’ for whole staff communities. This course is essential for all staff working with learners in an F.E. setting. Exploring Duty of Care in line with relevant legislation, government guidance including ‘Keeping children safe in education (2023), Local Safeguarding Children Partnerships (formally LSCB) and Local Adult Safeguarding Boards.

Course content includes:

  • Understanding of national guidance and procedures
  • Recognising the categories of abuse
  • Exploration of Sexual Violence and Sexual harassment (Child-on-Child abuse) including Online Risk
  • Exploring ‘so-called’ Honour Based Abuse and Domestic Abuse
  • Understanding of Mental Health and exploring Trauma Informed Practice
  • Recognising the risk of Exploitation including County Lines and Radicalisation
  • Understanding Whistleblowing and sharing professional concerns
  • Understanding a learner-centred approach when responding to concerns, including mental capacity
  • Ensuring a response of reporting concerns and effective recording keeping

Please note: On your booking form, please add if you are a post 16 provision (children and adults) or post 18 only provision (adults only) and the course content will be developed speicifically.

For more information on course content and outcomes please watch this video.  

Target Audience

All staff working with learners in an F.E. setting.


What level training is this course?

Since the implementation of Safeguarding Partnerships/Boards, most sectors have moved away from using the term ‘levels’. The expectation is that you will undertake training which is relevant to the role you take in the organisation.

For example: Safeguarding Awareness – would be completed by every member of a staff community.

Safeguarding Awareness training would have previously been known as level 1.

What is the difference between face-to-face, live virtual, and self-paced training options?

As far as possible, our Safeguarding Awareness Training is as close to being the same as it can be! All the required content is covered to the highest standard, and we aim to keep as much interaction and engagement in all of our sessions as we do in our face-to-face training.

Face-to-face is our preferred method of training, but we know this is not always possible so have made our live virtual and self-paced courses available so you don’t have to miss out on being able to access our courses.

Do I need this training for my role?

This training is a statutory requirement for all members of your staff community (Including leadership & management) to complete and renew at least once every 3 years – alongside annual safeguarding update training.

Will I receive a certificate?

You will receive a PDF certificate for attending our training sessions. Safeguarding Awareness Training with ECP is CPD certified. You need to ensure you are available and engaged for the full duration of the training session in order to receive your certificate.

How far in advance can I book the training?

You can book your training as far in advance as you like! Some times of the year are especially busy so we advise you book up to a year or more in advance, especially if there is a specific date and time you would like to secure. If you know your training will be up for renewal the sooner you get the training date confirmed the more likely ECP will have availability to deliver your training.

How many people can attend the training?

Our face-to-face training numbers vary from course to course, and also take into consideration the size of the space we will be delivering the training in. The size of groups can vary.

Our virtual delivery of Safeguarding Awareness has no minimum number of attendees, maximum number of attendees depends on the size of your organisation.

On your booking form, you will be asked how many delegates need to access this training. From this we will be able to ensure we can meet the needs of your organisation.

How do I book this training?

Our training is booked using the online booking form via the ‘BOOK NOW’ button on the Course tab of this page. Once completed, you will receive confirmation that your form has been submitted, then you will receive an email confirmation of your booking. Bookings are not confirmed until you have received this as we may have questions we need to ask you or the date you request may not be available.

If you would like to contact us to check availability or ask any further questions before completing the booking form, please call us on 01727 808340 or via the chat function on the website.

All availability is managed on a first come first served basis and we cannot reserve dates, so by completing the booking form quickly you are most likely to get your preferred date.

I struggle to get all of my staff available at one time to complete training, what is my best option?

You can join ECP’s F.E. Safeguarding Society. By becoming a member with ECP, you can have unlimited access to a recorded version of Safeguarding Awareness Training – as well as other vital courses – via our training platform throughout the academic year.

Staff will then be able to log onto your membership portal and complete the training at a time that suits them – and you!

What information will I need in order to make a booking?

To complete our booking form, we will need to know how many delegates will be accessing the training, which date you would like the training to be delivered, and invoicing details of how payment will be made.

Once the booking form is submitted, we will contact you if we have any further questions.


Fantastic session - thank you. Super informative and great sections so not too overwhelming.
Staff member, Young Ealing Foundation

I think Carly did a really good job! It was clear and easy to follow and I felt I learn a lot from the training.
Staff member, Young Ealing Foundation

One of the best training I have received.
Recruitment Apprenticeship Provider, Next Steps Apprenticeships

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ECP will send you an email with the relevant links to each session to be shared with participants. Participants will then be able to register themselves for their session.

You can view our joining instructions below:

Participants will have access to their allocated session, for a set time period, where they can access the content when they wish.

All courses have specific dates and times which participants must attend. Courses that are 6 hours in duration will be delivered in 2 x 3-hour sessions.
Questions can be submitted during the self-paced webinar. All questions will then be collated and a written response created at the end of the webinar period. This will be made available to you the following week.

Live sessions have interactive elements which include voting in polls, audio interaction, raising hands and opportunities for Q & A.
Yes - The sessions are closed sessions. Participants will be informed when registering whether or not webcam and microphone access is required for their specific course. The data collated from participants is their first name, surname, role title and email address – unless additional data is requested by the client. A disclaimer is provided, and data will be deleted once shared with you.
Attendee report - including engagement data.
Q & A report from self-paced sessions - which will be sent to you the following week for you to cascade.
Feedback Report – a survey completed after the session.
Post course handouts – sent out to every attendee.