ecp training courses for professionals - child protection

Rebecca Greenacre

Senior Safeguarding Consultant

My passion for safeguarding is driven though the ability to impart knowledge and share experiences to empower others to evolve, develop and competently undertake their role.

The starting point for this is understanding your own journey within safeguarding, and embracing the knowledge and learning opportunities I am able to facilitate.

My aim, is to ensure that professionals, have the tools and professional curiosity to implement their role, ensuring children’s reach their full potential safe from harm.

Professionals are one step in the safeguarding journey, and believe parents and carers also have an imperative part to play.

My lived experience as a qualified social worker, family support lead, DSL for 10 years has enabled me to understand the challenges and expectations of safeguarding in organisations. My commitment, within my role, is to impart achievable, accessible, and clear guidance to all those who engage with our services, with the outcome of robust safeguarding cultures within every organisation in our reach.

Everyone is entitled to a safe environment and upbringing, and with professionals who are passionate about safeguarding, I will help to navigate your own journey, not lead me, but facilitated and empowered for you to achieve your own outcomes.