Date & Time:
Friday 10th July

3 hours

£30 per person

Option of invoice OR Paypal

Course Outline:
  • Practical considerations for professionals newly engaging in virtual working
  • Signs and indicators to be mindful of, in this new environment in relation to potential abuse
  • Policy and procedure advice for settings to reflect on
  • Recording, referrals and support mechanisms while working virtually
  • Promotion of well-being in both service users and staff
Date & Time:
Friday 17th July

3 hours

£50 per person

Payment Options:
Option of invoice OR Paypal

Course Outline:

Statutory training meeting the requirement of the ‘robust 3-yearly training’ for whole staff communities. 

This course is essential for all staff working within provisions whose role includes contact/services provision for children and families. Exploring Duty of Care in line with Local Safeguarding Children Partnership (formally LSCB) procedures, this training promotes:

  • Understanding of national guidance and procedures
  • Recognising the four categories of abuse.
  • Listening to children
  • Awareness raising of key challenges including Online Safety, radicalisation, Criminal Exploitation (including County Lines and Child Sexual Exploitation) and HBV (Honour- Based Violence including FGM, Female Genital Mutilation).
Date & Time:
Session 1: Friday 11th September 2020 – 9.30-12.30pm
Session 2: Friday 18th September 2020 – 9.30-12.30pm
(MUST attend both sessions)

2 x 3 hour sessions

£100 per person

Payment Options:
Option of invoice OR Paypal

Course Outline - Education:

Statutory requirement for education professionals meeting ‘robust 2-yearly training’ for those with a lead or designated professional role for safeguarding in schools. Having completed basic safeguarding training, this course equips professionals to perform their senior safeguarding function in schools.

Course content includes:

  • Latest legislation and procedures – reflecting the Education Acts and Keeping Children Safe in Education (September 2020)
  • Policy development
  • Awareness of multi-agency working
  • Information sharing
  • The referral processes
  • Thresholds or risk analysis within the content of children and young people
  • Management of safeguarding with staff and within schools – including the response to sexual violence and sexual harassment
  • Challenging topics are also explored from a management level

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