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Child on Child Abuse

Sessions to raise awareness and develop resiliency to the risks of Child on Child Abuse.

Session information:

Our Child on Child Abuse & relationships sessions explore the importance of permission-seeking and giving in relationships with friends, peers and adults. We will also talk about how people sometimes behave differently online.

Our sessions help pupils discover what sorts of boundaries are appropriate in friendships with peers and others and will empower them to keep themselves and others free from harm.

Sessions are delivered face to face in school or as a recorded resource, and last 1 hour in duration.

TOPICS covered:

Sessions include the following at an age-appropriate level:

  • Bullying – including cyber-bullying
  • Sexual abuse – including sexual violence and harassment, sending nudes and semi-nudes
  • Grooming / Gang violence
  • Abusive relationships
As part of our offer, we have sessions available for staff and parents which you can access either individually, or as part of a package. See below for further details.