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Safeguarding Supervision

In ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children 2023’ all settings are advised of their organisational responsibility from Section 11 of the Children Act 2004:
Supervision is a place of trust where a healthy relationship gives me a safe space to acknowledge and work with my safeguarding concerns, stresses, fears and joys’
(Johnson, 2003)
Specialist Supervision
  • ECP provide specialist supervision provided by highly experienced safeguarding consultants.
  • Here at ECP, we believe that Safeguarding Supervision should be readily available to any safeguarding practitioners, recognising that time to reflect and pause is crucial in being able to provide safe and clear decisions as well as to be able to recognise and manage what the impact of that also may be upon us as professionals.

    This supervision serves to be a safe space for supervisees to be able to check in with an external person as well as themselves, and to be able to use this allocated space to reflect on both the content of the safeguarding work undertaken as well as the impact that this had had upon them or their environment. This session can be used in whichever way is most helpful to the individual; either an overview of the decisions taken and/ or crucially a space to reflect about the impact of this both on the child/young person/families and ourselves as professionals.

£225 +VAT per session

Our supervision sessions were amazing. Staff have had nothing but praise regarding the approach, as well as the impact on them both personally and professionally.
West Lea School
It was great to have time to reflect. You are a good listener and also inspirational. The quiet time when nobody talks or disturb you is fab.
I couldn’t possibly begin to express how helpful the session was to me personally and how grateful I am to have been able to offload safely to you today. I already feel like the weight has been lifted a little and made me reflect on my own self-worth, which is a good thing!
Thanks very much. I am finding the supervision sessions really helpful; it's great to have the opportunity to discuss things , reflect and get a real perspective on everything.