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Who we are:

Education Child Protection’s vision is to create a safer place where everyone reaches their potential, free from harm.

We use our passion and expertise to empower professionals (and learners) with the skills and confidence to keep themselves and others safe so they can reach their full potential.

Our Values are at the heart of everything we do. These are:

Innovate - We constantly adapt our products and services to ensure they are exactly what our clients need. We are proud to be leaders in this sector.

Empower - We provide professionals with the confidence and skills to identify and call out risky behaviour. We also empower young people and vulnerable adults to make informed decisions about how to manage their own safety.

Provide expertise - We use our collective knowledge and expertise to bring you the best training, advice and guidance.

Build relationships - We take huge pride in developing lasting relationships with our clients so we become an integral part of their safeguarding journey.


Respect for all parties with whom we have contact is one of our core Values.

This is particularly true when recruiting. We understand that this may be the candidate’s only experience of ECP as an organisation and we want to make sure that it is a positive one.

For that reason, we have introduced this ten point RECRUITMENT PLEDGE that details how we will manage the recruitment process, and details what applicants can expect when applying to work for ECP.

  1. All recruitment will be undertaken being mindful of our commitment to equality and diversity as set out in our Equality and Diversity Policy.
  2. All speculative enquiries about working for us will be acknowledged by our HR representative who will offer the applicant the opportunity to learn more about working for ECP.
  3. Applications received in respect of advertised vacancies will be acknowledged by our HR representative.
  4. Where it is the case that the applicant’s application will not be pursued, the applicant will receive a personalised reply from the Business Manager explaining why they have been unsuccessful in their application.
  5. Applicants invited to a first interview will receive a note accompanying the invitation explaining the recruitment procedure that will be followed, specific to that vacancy.
  1. Applicants whose applications will not be pursued following a first or indeed subsequent interview will be advised of the reason for this in a letter signed by the interviewing Manager. Further, they will be given the opportunity to discuss this decision with the Manager who interviewed them.
  2. As part of the second and final interview process, applicants will be given the opportunity to spend time speaking with one of the ECP team understanding first-hand what the role involves.
  3. The candidate to whom an offer of employment is likely to be made will be given the opportunity to spend an Immersion Day at ECP before an offer is formally made. This will assist them in deciding if they wish to accept the offer, if made.
  4. A comprehensive onboarding process will be prepared for and presented to the new hire prior to their commencing.
  5. Similarly, a personalised induction programme will be prepared for the new hire. This will detail actions and activities that will be undertaken during the first week, month and three months of employment.