ecp training courses for professionals - child protection

Monaza Dasu

Business Administration Manager

As a parent and early years teacher, I care deeply that children and vulnerable adults are given a safe and nurturing environment where they can grow and develop into confident learners.

I have brought this passion and care in my previous roles. Most recently, I ran an early year’s facility where I not only provided a high-quality education environment for 30 children but also lead and nurtured a wonderful team of staff. My previous work experience has mostly been in senior HR roles across a range of organisations including the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

I bring solid skills around managing people, processes, and money across public, private, education and charity sectors. I have a can-do attitude and like to find collaborative solutions to solve problems. Having lived and worked in over 4 countries I have a very international outlook which developed two of my strengths, bringing the best out of people and resilience to change.