ecp training courses for professionals - child protection

Tina Pokuaah

Associate Consultant

I use every space I am in, to create those proactive conversations about safeguarding. I believe that every environment has the potential for meaningful dialogue. I strive to foster connections and inspire thought-provoking discussions by utilising my surroundings and engaging with those around me.

I believe we can empower children and vulnerable adults with knowledge and skills that will shape their future. It is crucial to engage in discussions about child protection and ensure that every child has a safe and nurturing environment to thrive in.

I challenge existing norms and promote inclusivity by critically examining different cultures, genders, and other aspects of society. This approach encourages us to question biases and stereotypes, fostering a more open-minded and accepting environment for everyone.

I have a futuristic view that just because I may not be able to change the world, my education may change a life in the future.